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The Gun Club of America is a private, members only Firearms Community where we share insider information and provide incredible insights about guns, as your trusted, qualified resource for training.

Ultimately you will become a firearm expert and be recognized as such among your fellow members.

This club is for you whether you are a professional Gunsmith, an amateur “tinkerer” or Hobbyist, or even if you just love guns and want to know more about them.

This is exclusively a membership for learning real firearms knowledge from qualified individuals and connecting with other like minded individuals that want the straight truth about firearms and all their inner workings.

Take a look at the Benefits of Gun Club of America membership below and then accept our offer to Test Drive membership in the GCA for just $7.00.

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Gene, Yes! I accept your offer of a one month Free Trial and my personalized Firearm Expert Mug for just $7.00 activation fee. ($30 value) I understand that after 30 days I will be automatically enrolled in to my Silver Plus GCA Membership for $29.95 a month. (I can cancel at any time)

Here are Just Some of the Benefits of SilverPLUS Membership in the Gun Club of America

  1. GunTech a 2 Hour+ training and review video is delivered to you every month at our Members Only Website and SilverPlus level members get a DVD copy by mail which includes a new disassembly/reassembly as well as other valuable articles, reviews, tips and news. SilverPLUS members also get the accompanying GCA Connection full-color magazine full of additional articles, contests, tips and other valuable information.
  2. Members Only Website provides you with Over 200 hours of Firearms Training Videos– Be a Firearms Expert with instant access!
  3. Online access to over 130 extremely detailed firearms disassembly and reassembly videos with more being added every month. These complete courses will teach you how to strip your firearms down to the last screw so you can thoroughly clean, diagnose problems, evaluate wear and tear, and then reassemble your guns. These video courses cover most of the popular firearms along with some very interesting rare firearms.
  4. Over dozens of detailed firearm reviews with expert evaluation by professional gunsmiths. More than just a shooting test, these reviews by gunsmithing experts look at the materials, manufacture, and possible problems with many popular firearms. This is critical information if you are shopping for a new weapon.
  5. Video product reviews. Covers shooting equipment, tools, cleaning products and more. Save time and money by letting the GCA instructors do the product evaluations for you.
  6. Gun repair and gunsmithing tips from the experts at the American Gunsmithing Institute. Don't try to work on an unfamiliar gun without first understanding the basics of its function and repair. Our team of pros take the guesswork out of knowing how your guns work.
  7. Email and phone support from our staff of gun experts. The instructors from AGI are always available to GCA Silver and SilverPLUS members when they need help with a specific problem or repair.
  8. "Ask The Pros" members-only forum with gun repair help from our staff and fellow members. Post your questions about firearms repair on these members-only forums and you will get help from other members as well as our staff.
  9. Monthly Bonus Points to use to purchase extra training courses and member only products.
  10. Monthly Live Club webinars with the latest news, interviews, contests and special offers. Call in with your questions, take part in contests with great prizes, listen to interesting guests discuss topics that you will never find anywhere else.
  11. Members website with articles, forums, marketplace, online courses and more. Exclusive areas, forums, discussion groups, videos, GunTech archives and more are available 24/7 for Silver and SilverPLUS members. Members can also earn access to online AGI courses by participating in forums, submitting articles and photos and more.
  12. Free Subscription to “Guns and Gunsmiths”, the blog and e-newsletter for gun lovers and gunsmiths. With special and unique content, it's own forum section, readers' photo gallery, special offers and more, Guns and Gunsmiths is proving to be one of the most popular blogs on the internet for firearms enthusiasts.
  13. Free “Hot Brass” Magazine. Share your projects and stories in Hot Brass, GCA's print magazine that focuses more on the social side of people and their guns, with features such as the "Shooting Sports" and the "Firearm Community Gives Back".

Just to name a few, we are adding features and content to the site continuously, so this list of benefits is always getting better! 

What Can The Gun Club of America Do For Me?

“I love to hunt and target shoot but sometimes I can’t find the help I need when something goes wrong with one of my guns. How can membership in the Gun Club of America help me?”

GCA members get access to hundreds of hours of video instruction covering everything from disassembly/reassembly, to maintenance tips, practical shooting advice and access to one-on-one help from professional gunsmiths. Whether you want to train to become a gunsmith, or simply want to know how to diagnose and repair your own guns and don’t have someone in your area you can trust with your firearms, the Gun Club of America can help make you proficient enough to do your own repairs and modifications safely and correctly.

“Does the Gun Club of America give its members the information I need to be able to take my guns to the “next level” I want? Can you give advice on adding optics, accessories, stocks etc. I want my firearms to stand out when I am at the range with my buddies.”

We have a huge number of product reviews not only on firearms accessories and parts, but the tools needed to install them. We scour the floor at the SHOT Show every year and interview hundreds of companies to get all the latest information about what is available for gun owners just like yourself. And of course, these reviews are carried out by professional gunsmiths so we know the information is relevant to our members, and accurate in its content.

“I am a professional gunsmith with a small shop but sometimes I get in a gun I am unfamiliar with, or just can’t figure out what is wrong with it. How does membership in the Gun Club of America help me in my work?”

The Gun Club of America is staffed by the professional gunsmithing instructors of the American Gunsmithing Institute, so we know how you feel. Membership has many specific benefits for gunsmiths like yourself such as unlimited advice from these instructors online or by phone and email. In addition, through our “Ask The Pros” forum on the members-only website, you will become a part of a wide network of other gunsmiths who can also provide the help and resources you need to learn how to do a firearm repair that has you baffled.

“I’ve read all the benefits of membership in GCA and I’m pretty sure I want to join. But how much does it cost, and what if I change my mind?”

You can try out the Gun Club of America for a full month, enjoying all the benefits INCLUDING receiving one free issue of Guntech DVD and GCA Connection Magazine for a onetime fee of only $7.00. Service will automatically renew every month thereafter, delivered directly to your address, and you will be charged $29.95 each month. You may cancel membership at any time. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!